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*"I was referred to Stefan from a friend for some help with losing weight. After only a few sessions, I noticed major changes in my attitude and had more will power to make better choices. I am happy to say I have met my goals in only a few months and feel great! Thanks Stefan!"

Linda M.

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Subconscious Weight Loss

"It really works!"

A Hypnosis Weight Loss Program 

When tending to your garden, if you pull weeds but leave the root, eventually the weeds will come back. The root cause of your weight issues are where real change comes from. My methods provide fast, effective results.

The programs I use will allow you to clear emotional blocks or pains in relation to eating in your past and will fully motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle and subconsciously make the right choices, eat the right amounts and quickly look and feel like a lighter, happier you.

Subconscious Weight loss hypnosis is a powerful, diet free way to lose weight. Use my program along with my experience, knowledge and training to understand the emotional root causes of uncontrolled eating and lack of motivation.

Suggestions alone for eating less, or for exercising more, without removing the root cause of the problem will enable the "weeds" to grow back again. Get in touch today for more info or to book your session and start living the life of your dreams!