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​​Relationship Healing

1.  Are you making the same mistakes in your relationships that you have made before?
2.  Are you attracting the same type of relationships that were unsatisfying in the past?
3.  Do you feel unworthy of a healthy loving relationship

4.  Do you have a hard time communicating in your relationship?
5.  Are your relationships unhealthy?
6.  Do you have unresolved issues with a friend or family member.

Hypnotherapy and NLP can get to the source of the thoughts and feelings that are getting in the way of your relationships.  We are the products of our past experiences.  We often don't realize that others trigger feelings and responses in us that are old responses and feelings that came from previous relationships.  Those relationships include parents, siblings, friends and enemies.  Hypnosis will help you sort out the old, useless responses allowing you to enjoy your present experiences.  Our subconscious mind holds onto all our feelings and experiences from the past that can often get in the way of our present relationships.  
Hypnosis is the fastest, most effective way to communicate effectively with the unconscious mind.

We attract what we think about and focus on. We attract people who are like us, who have similar values to us. Sometimes, by default, we attract those people who have qualities we don't like in ourselves, because that's what we focus upon. When we focus on our negative traits, we attract people with those negative traits.  When you have unhealthy relationships, it is often because you have unhealthy thoughts or ideas about what relationships should be. Or, sometimes you have fears about what relationships will be.  WHAT YOU FOCUS ON, IS WHAT YOU ATTRACT! Change your thoughts, focus on what you want...not what you don't want, in a partner, and watch to see who you attract.

Often relationships suffer as a result of our stress and negative thoughts and emotions. If you have love, a home, at least 1 friend, you have plenty to be grateful about. Feeling grateful will help balance all negative stress in your life...if you allow it. If you only focus on what you don't have, you will get more of it and feel worse about it. 
You cannot control the world...but you CAN control the way you respond to it.  You cannot control other people, but you can control how you allow them to effect you.  You are the creator of your thoughts. If you don't allow yourself to see the beauty in your life and appreciate your partner, your relationship will suffer. 

Hypnosis can help you to release anger, stress and negative thoughts...all of which have a profound affect on your relationships.

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