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*Guaranteed stop smoking program refers to a second free stop smoking session if necessary.

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* Disclaimer - Results can vary from person to person.

*I never thought that I could stop the habit of smoking.  I really thought it would have me as a slave for life as it is really hard to quit but with me really wanting to stop and the help of Stefan, not only did I stop but it was overnight and without any cravings at all.  To this day I am in awe of how easy it was.  Stefan was very relaxing, friendly and professional.  I would recommend him to help anyone with any problem they might have in their life that they would like to change.  Believe me, no one is more surprised than I that I can now call myself a non smoker.

Thank you Stefan!!!!!


Stop Smoking Guaranteed*

Inside Out Success Coaching & Hypnotherapy #202 20505 Fraser Highway Langley BC


*Stefan helped me with a lot of different issues I was having with myself. He helped eliminate stress, he helped with my sleeping patterns and he helped me to quit smoking after 10 years. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about bettering themselves.

Rilee S.


*"After years of trying off and on to quit smoking, I decided to try hypnotherapy after hearing some success stories. In a few hours with Stefan I was officially a non smoker and months later I am proud to say I still am. Very happy."

​Dan T.

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Why Hypnosis Is So Effective?

According to the largest scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit, hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking.
~ New Scientist Magazine

“Hypnosis is a viable means to stop smoking.”
~ 1989 Surgeon General Report to Congress on nicotine addiction

“I’ll just use the patch or nicotine gum”
Nicotine gum only has a success rate of about 10%
~ New Scientist Magazine

“I can tough it out by myself…”
New Scientist says willpower alone has a success rate of only 6%

“The easiest way to break bad habits is through hypnosis.”
~ Newsweek Magazine

Hypnosis is the most successful method available for quitting smoking.

You are in control. There is no person, thought or event that will ever cause you to smoke again! No longer will you ever take that poison into your body for you are in control!

A study presented October 22, 2007 at the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians found that hypnosis was more than twice as effective as quitting "cold turkey," and over three times as effective as nicotine replacement therapy.

Statistics about quit smoking aids;

Those who quit going cold turkey have a 4% success rate. 
Those who quit using patch or gum have a 6% success rate 
Those who quit using drugs like Champex have a 12% success rate 
Those who quit using hypnosis have an 85% success rate. 

1/2 pack per day costs 
$2200.00 per year 
Full pack per day costs 
$4400.00 per year 

Research has shown that a single session of hypnosis has a 12% success rate while 4 sessions achieves an 85% success rate.


Maintaining a smoking habit is very expensive and you can use that money in much better places. Perhaps a beach vacation, pay off those credit cards or pay off that mortgage.!

But Will Hypnosis Last?

In a study, “Hall and Crasilneck” used a four hypnosis session protocol for smoking cessation. Eighty two percent of the people that responded to their follow-up survey had not smoked a single cigarette since the fourth session! They sent the surveys out between one and four years later, indicating hypnosis for smoking cessation is effective long-term.