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Hypnotherapy - Relief by Getting To the Root of The Problem.

​​The Problem Is Like A Weed In Your Yard!

Pretend for a moment, that your mind is like your lawn out in front of your home. Even some of the best cared for yards, if you look close enough, are going to have a couple of weeds! Weeds are interesting because they are so persistent. You see, most of the yard is made up of good green grass, shrubs, and flowers (the good things about yourself).

The grass has good roots, but the weed's roots go much deeper. That is why if you try to remove a weed by cutting it off, or pulling it up, and you don't get all of its root, it is most likely to just come back, and sometimes there are more weeds (symptoms or problems) than when you started.

Taking this example further, you could look at the picture of the weed and divide it up into three distinct areas: first there is the area where the roots are, the soil, that is equivalent to the subconscious mind; the second area, where the grass is, is equivalent to the conscious mind, the part that is easy to see; and finally, there is the part that sticks up into the air for yourself and everyone else to see, the weed, the part of ourselves that we don't like.

The part we don't like might be a bad habit like biting your finger nails, or something more serious like smoking, a phobia, or even some diseases like ulcers.

Some treatments just deal with the behavior or the outward symptom, and that would be like mowing off the weed, it is likely that it will return. In the short term you might feel better, like going on a diet, losing the weight, and then the weight returns, because the real cause of the excess weight was never eliminated! Then you feel frustrated, and may even gain more weight (more weeds!).

Hypnotherapy done properly will remove the problem at the root, by helping the client to see or experience the situation, thought or idea, that started the problem differently. If the root is removed, then the problem ceases to exist!

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Hypnosis Treats:

Alcohol abuse
Anger management control 
Career success
Chronic pain
Compulsive behavior & disorders
Bipolar disorder
Drug abuse
Eating disorders
Effective pain control
Emotional blocks
Extreme grief
Hair pulling
Lack of confidence
Medical disorders & disease
Mental health disorders
Migraine headaches
Mood Disorders
Nail biting
Panic attacks
Past life regression
Personal relationships 
Post trauma anxiety
Smoking cessation
Sports performance 
Stress management
Sexual dysfunction 
Weight management

How can Hypnotherapy Help?

Hypnotherapy is a therapy unlike all others, allowing communication to the subconscious mind helping you to tap into inner resources that you never knew you had before.

Once access to the subconscious mind is created, you can replace negative memories, limiting beliefs, unhealthy habits and obstacles with new patterns of thought that will create remarkable positive changes.

While not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment, it is also a proven adjunct method to work on any mental and/or physical issue connected to the mind and central nervous system.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is natural. Hypnosis is focus. Hypnosis is relaxation of the body and mind.  Making powerful, lasting changes in the sub-conscious mind. Often recovery happens within a few sessions. Most issues will take between a 3-6 sessions.

The difference with hypnotherapy is that you are dealing with the root cause of the symptom on a level that you cannot access in a normal waking state. A personal goal of mine is to spread the effectiveness and applications of hypnosis to the masses. I believe everyone should have the chance to change any issues that they are having issues with in their life.  

If you have tried everything and are still feeling stuck, that is probably why you are here reading this.